Legal Partners is now a part of Keais Records Retrieval, a nationwide records retrieval provider.

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  • Open Communication

    Open Communication

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  • Collaborative Relationships

    Collaborative Relationships

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  • Proprietary Software

    Proprietary Software

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Quality Record Retrieval and Court Reporting Services

  • Record Retrieval

    Record Retrieval

    LegalPartners prepares the required documentation, relentlessly follows-up with the holding entities, and delivers your records in your desired format. Retrieve more >

  • Court Reporting

    Court Reporting

    LegalPartners provides nationwide court reporting, video conferencing, subpoena, and transcription services. Report more >

  • Technology


    LegalPartners’ proprietary software enables you to review, retrieve, and edit your documents, while providing matrices that allow you to manage your case and costs. Review more >